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What do butterflies do at night? Do they sleep? If so, where do they sleep? The American Museum of Natural History has an answer: “At night, or when the day is cloudy, adult butterflies rest by hanging upside down from leaves or twigs, where they are hidden among the foliage. We don’t really know whether or not they are sleeping.”

(New York Public Library)

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Abandoned theatre.


Abandoned theatre.

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Ballpoint and Gold Illustrations by Rebecca Yanovskaya

A combination of epic scope and moody atmosphere define Rebecca’s signature style. She is inspired by and frequently illustrates mythological stories, natural forces, and the beauty of the human figure.

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her work is so majestic

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Great Grey Owl, Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot, Merseyside, England / Photo by Mark Bridger.


Great Grey Owl, Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot, 
Merseyside, England / Photo by Mark Bridger.

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Painting by J.R.R. Tolkien


Painting by J.R.R. Tolkien

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